8bitcraft is:

Chris. Lover of video games, literature, cinema, and fine red wine. 8bitcraft proprietor.

Olivia. Children's Librarian, Pinterest enthusiast, world traveller, rescuer of abandoned kitty cats.

We're based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.


For questions, or returns, or whatever else, you can reach us at [email protected]


I've noticed your bead sprites look better than so-and-so's. How do you make them look good?

Well, for a few reasons. We only fuse them on one side, so that the front is pristine and consistent (see figure 1.a for comparison). Also, we use the widest variety of colors from three different brands of fuse beads, so we can pull off nice gradients and contrast.

So-and-so's bead sprite magnets don't hold anything up on my refrigerator. Will yours?

We use stronger magnets than our competitors (20-mil strength instead of their 12-15 mil), so you'll be able to hold up two pieces of paper on the fridge instead of just one.

So-and-so's bead sprite fell off of its magnet after about 6 months (when the weather changed here). Do yours do that?

Ours are built to last. We use a special technique to attach the magnets to the sprites, so that they will stay attached even after years and years. I kept a Bomb-omb on my truck for about a year, through weather change and through rain and wind and snow, and he did just fine.

What is your pricing scheme?

$0.02 a bead. You'll probably be able to find something cheaper on etsy or something, but they won't be as nice.